News 10 features inmates intervening an attack on correctional officer

Albany  Co. inmates from ‘Soldier On’ intervene as ex-burglar attacks correctional officer


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A dramatic rescue happened inside the Albany County Jail after a corrections officer was attacked by an inmate.

The incident was caught on camera, but the person who did the rescuing that might surprise you.

Video from inside the jail, in what’s called the “Soldier On” wing which caters specifically to veterans.

In the video, you can  see the inmates notice something happening and run to help.

The attack happening outside the view of the camera, but not escaping the eyes of the inmates who rushed to help.

“Jumped up. Came out of their cells. Came out of everywhere. Every one of them,” Sheriff Craig Apple said.

The men are part of the “Soldier On” wing of the jail, which allows those inmates to spend time out of their cells and partners with an organization of the same name.

“We really try to get them back into society and live a healthy and clean life.”

On Tuesday, 41-year-old Drew Crowley, who is not part of the veterans program, was in the pod using the phones there.

“We give the veterans free access to telephones. Somebody had let another inmate in to use the phone.”

Crowley then became angry and turned that anger on a nearby corrections officer.

“Just completely freaked out on one of our officers. Kicked him in the ribs. And started to strike and punch him.”


That’s when the veterans jumped into action and Sheriff Apple says it could have saved the officer’s life.

“Those inmates turn their back on that officer, who knows how bad he could have been beaten.”

“People who are treated with consistent respect and fairness always rise to stand and protect those who serve them,” John Downing, of the “Soldier On” program, said.

Apple agrees saying this rescue is a testament to the fact that people can change.

“I mean I guess if you put a little effort into rehabbing people it works.”

Crowley has now been charged with felony assault and after another incident Thursday morning he could face even more charges.

As for the officer, he will be on leave recovering from the attack for the next several weeks.

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