Veteran Justice Partnership

The purpose of the Veteran Justice Partnership (VJP) program at Soldier On is to provide services, treatment options and alternative sentencing for veterans who are facing incarceration. Soldier On’s VJP case managers perform outreach in all jails and courts throughout western Massachusetts at least once a month. In addition, the case managers represent and advocate for veterans in courts across the state as needed.

The goal of Soldier On’s Veteran Justice Partnership is to enroll veterans in need of a treatment program instead of serving jail time. We strive to admit veterans into Soldier On’s program and into treatment as soon as possible while continuing conversation with probation and parole. VJP case managers follow the veteran’s case through until the end; contacting courts, lawyers, parole, probation, and judges with updates regarding the veteran’s participation and treatment. Through advocacy and cooperation with local service organizations, this program aims to provide veterans in need with case management, substance abuse treatment, and mental health counseling in order to avoid serving jail time.

VJP cover

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