Albany County 50 year lease featured on News 10

Homeless veterans fine home in Colonie with the help of ‘Soldier On’

News 10 | Ayla Ferrone | September 14, 2016

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — An organization that helps homeless veterans will finally have a location in Albany County.

The Soldier On program received a 50 year lease for the vacant Ann Lee nursing home in Colonie.

The building that used to house the elderly of Albany County, vacant for nearly a decade, will now be used to help another vulnerable group of people in the Capital Region.

For the next 50 years, Soldier On will use this site to house and treat homeless veterans.

The push to find a place for Soldier On in the Capital Region has been strong for the past four years.

“It’s our time as a society to come and put our best foot forward for these veterans and help them get back on the right track,” County Executive, Dan McCoy, said.

It’s been a dream for County Executive Dan McCoy- A veteran himself.

Finally a reality, McCoy says he’s proud to see the old Ann Lee nursing home put to good use.

“To get the nursing home where it can be apartments and then adding on, there will be wings coming off that will be apartments,” McCoy said.

After completion, the $30 million dollar project will provide housing, treatment, and a safe place for homeless veterans.

“They’ll come here for therapy,” McCoy said. “They’ll come here for support. To take college classes.”

County legislator, Todd Drake, says he credits McCoy for his hard work and says getting Soldier On a spot to provide these services was part of what drove him to run for office.

“I think it’s a historic step,” Drake said. “I think it demonstrates Albany County’s commitment to the long term welfare of veteran affairs in the Capital Region.”

Drake says it’s important for the community to do all they can to help those who served our country.

“You have people out there who have served this country and served this nation- some of them who are lost and need help,” Drake said.

McCoy says he hopes Solider On acquiring the long term lease for the Ann Lee building will provide that much needed help.

“It’s our time to say, look we’re here for you now,” McCoy said.

The project here will be similar to the location in Pittsfield, Mass., which has had great success.

The whole program will also be run by veterans themselves.

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