At Soldier On Women’s Program, We Love Donors and Volunteers!

Perhaps you’d like to mentor one of our women veterans as she re-establishes her life after active duty. Or maybe you’d like to offer our residents a class or workshop, or assist with a special activity.

Working with our residents is a win-win: they get the benefit of your time and expertise, and you feel good knowing you helped someone learn a new skill or make a positive connection in the community. That’s so important to our women veterans who are trying to rebuild their lives after active service.

If you can’t give the gift of time, there are many ways in which you can help financially.

Make a donation to the Soldier On Women’s Program.

Interested in helping out? Contact:

Klaudia Lobeska or 413-770-7630

 Or call our toll-free number for general information about the program: 866-406-8449

Helping women veterans reclaim their lives.