Soldier On’s treatment program is based on four recovery phases with a total of 70 groups available to veterans. The four phase format is designed to foster dignity, integrity and hope, while providing access to addiction services, medical care and life skills counseling. Veteran-to-veteran relationships are the foundation of our program. The success is built upon our veterans’ commitment to motivating, educating and serving one another.

Phase I

The first phase of treatment provides daily structured groups regarding a variety of topics, ranging from relapse prevention to spirituality. Phase I is designed to engage the veterans, while acclimating them with their surroundings and peers. Each veteran, with assistance from the Soldier On staff, designs an individualized plan enabling him or her to proceed at their own pace. Peer-to-peer relationships begin in this phase as each veteran is introduced to a mentor upon arrival.

Phase II

The less rigid structure of Phase II allows veterans to attend groups of their choice. The topics include financial and social issues, as they are often neglected aspects of recovery. The instructors, facilitators and educators are Soldier On residents who have successfully completed the first three phases of treatment. The emphasis on veteran leadership in Phase II motivates continued participation in programming.

Phase III

Phase III allows veterans the freedom and support to pursue the objectives and goals outlined in their individual service plans. By reducing veteran program requirements, they are able to spend more time volunteering, performing community service, searching for employment and attending additional groups of their choice.

Phase IV

Veterans in Phase IV become facilitators of support groups and mentors for incoming veterans. These individuals display a commitment to their own recovery as well as the recovery of their peers. Phase IV veterans contribute to effective programming through past experiences and knowledge. The mentors focus on providing advice and support for incoming veterans in order to make their experience at Soldier On positive and beneficial. Our peer leadership model exemplifies Soldier On’s core value of veterans helping veterans.