Are you a veteran looking for housing?

If you need a place to stay while you get back on your feet, the Soldier On Women’s Program is here to help.

We are a wellness program that takes into account a woman’s mind, body, and spirit. As well as providing transitional housing in Northampton, Massachusetts, we offer groups and activities that teach you new skills, support self-care, and help you move your life forward in a positive way. In fact, involvement with the residential community is one of the foundations of the program and is required.

Here are a few other requirements and expectations of the women’s program you should know about before you apply:

– You must agree to undergo detox if deemed necessary, before admission to the program; commit to abstinence while in the program; access therapy, treatment, and wellness opportunities provided by Soldier On, the VA, and/or the community, in accordance with case management and resident input and desires; participate in weekly House Meetings; and perform household chores in line with your capabilities.

– In order to qualify for the program, you must be psychiatrically stable enough so that psychiatric symptoms do not interfere with participation in community events; medically stable and capable of medical self-management; and able to function in a group setting; and independent in self-care.

– There is a monthly program fee of 30% of your income, up to $400 per month. If you have no income, you must agree to do 16 hours per month of community service.

– It’s important that you are not recuperating from major surgery or medical complications and that you are not in immediate need of surgery.

 ·       Unfortunately, we have limited storage at our Northampton, MA location, so we ask residents to limit their belongings to 3 bags, suitcases, or totes. If you have a lot of personal belongings, you’ll need to store them somewhere before coming into the program.

To find out more about transitional housing for women veterans on our Massachusetts VA campus, contact:

Cindy Nolan-Liston, women’s program supervisor or 413-992-7212 (Northampton, Massachusetts).

 For all other services for women veterans, call toll free: 866-406-8449.

Helping women veterans reclaim their lives.